How does lowering your costs while having full visibility on your process, benefiting from technical wisdom and getting 5-star service sound to you?

At Conferences, Groups and Incentives (we'll call itCG&I from our first discussion with you : it's shorter!) we offer a multitude of services.

>> Whether you are looking for event planning services, meeting planning services, conference or convention planning services... or just the most creative idea to impress your clients, we offer it!

Give us a try and you'll save money, keep control over your event at all times, have an experienced international team exceeding your expectations... and you'll have a grrrrrrreat time doing it!

Let us try to better it!

Many event professionals are looking to reduce their operating costs while enhancing their internal and/or external customers' experience. We can help you do exactly that! Try us! Click here to get in touch with our great team or give us a call at +1 514 846 9191 or +1 877 846 9191(North America toll free).


"Our clients and our suppliers have some good stuff to say about how we do things and the results they get when we join forces with them. Find out more..."

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