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feminine noun

Meeting of persons discussing a given subject.


masculine noun, singular

Meeting of persons with common interests in the same place.



Exceeding our clients’ expectations.



To promote or encourage specific actions or behaviour by a specific group of people during a defined period of time.

Our services include but are not limited to the below

    • Project management+
      This is where your project takes shape. You can count on our leadership and our ability to transform your objectives, ideas and vision into tangible deliverables for your event. We will accompany you throughout the whole process!
    • Logistics management+
      We will take care of everything from A to Z! Venue search, contract negotiations, meeting branding, food and beverage needs, accommodations, audiovisual services, registration services and on-site personnel just to name a few.
    • Housing, registrations and abstracts+
      Our proprietary registrations, housing and abstracts tool will efficiently manage the process from the invitation to the detailed reporting to the creation of your events personalized website to the servicing of each of your participants specific needs. As a client, you will have real-time unrestricted access to all of the registration data 24/7.

      At CG&I, all of your needs are administered by detail-oriented team members who will provide your participants with efficient servicing to ensure a flawless experience for all of your delegates.
    • Program content+
      A key factor to the success of your event is the content of your meeting. Our vast experience has allowed us to gain insight in creative meeting formats to custom-engineer vibrant and unique meeting formats.

      In addition to sharing our experience, our role extends to supporting the committee’s involvement in the program development. Communication and leadership are important in providing up-to-date information accessible to all, regardless of timing or location.

      We will support you in the recruitment of the best speakers, we will communicate them your vision and expectation, insuring they fully understand their role. Because they are the ambassadors of your program, we will accompany them throughout the whole process.
    • Communications, marketing and promotion+
      With your vision and our expertise, we will asset in developing the meeting theme and branding along with the graphic design, the content writing, translation and production of all material required for event.

      Rest assured that we will offer you innovative ideas to convey your message and capture the attention of your target audience through print and social media.
    • Exhibitions and sponsorships+
      One of our priorities will be to identify sources of income as soon as possible. Funding for an event should not be limited to the usual partners in your industry. Beyond the conventional sources solicited, we will use our ingenuity and our business relationships to provide you with a pragmatic budget.

      Our objective will be to organize for you an attractive and dynamic exhibition that will meet the exceptions of your exhibitors as well as participants. Always mindful of the importance of impeccable customer service, we offer attentive follow-up and logistical support and guidance to ensure that the expectations of exhibitors and participants are not only met but exceeded.
    • Negotiations+
      CG&I prides itself on its strong negotiation skills. We have earned a solid reputation as respectful and efficient negotiators while maintaining an excellent rapport with our network of suppliers. We believe that skilled negotiations remain essential to achieving maximum value during the planning process with your selected venue.
    • Social program+
      CG&I will develop an exciting social program, appropriate for your event and your audience. From the opening ceremony or welcome reception, to a themed event or a gala evening, from a spousal program to a guided tour, our objective will be to create unique experiences for all of your participants to ensure a memorable event.
    • Financial management+
      Once we have a clear understanding of your financial goals for your program, CG&I will draft financial management guidelines and initial budgets for your approval.

      The budget is a key tool in guiding sound financial decisions about the choice of venue, and expenditure including everything from venues, equipment and entertainment.

      We will accompany you throughout the process offering our expertise and recommendations throughout your project’s life-cycle. If your event is dependent on sponsorship and government funding, we will support you and will manage your risk to ensure the financial viability of your event is successful.

      We offer frequent, customizable and transparent financial reporting. Rest assured that your financial targets are always at the forefront of every decision that is made.
    • Post-event planning and assessment+
      CG&I will put in place the necessary mechanisms for gathering information, participant surveys and activity reports. We will compile the data in a final report that will be used to develop winning strategies for planning your next event.
    • Pricing+
      We are committed to tailoring a program that will meet your financial objectives.

      We realize that cost at times, can be the deciding factor in selecting who you will be working with but it should not have to be. You should be able to make your decision based on your conviction of our ability to deliver the event that you envision, to select a partner that you feel shares your values and work ethics, and with whom you know you can forge a strong partnership with.

      We strive to keep our pricing in line with those of the industry and bring in added value elements through our expert negotiating skills.
    • Corporate Galas and company parties+
      You would like to celebrate a team member’s accomplishment or you’ve been giving the mandate to plan a corporate event? These moments are both valued and appreciated by your employees.

      Whether in your office or if you prefer an outside venue, we would be pleased to take on all the logistics for you: transportation of employees, venue rental, coordination of menus, choice of DJ, etc. Your team will thank you!
    • Private events+
      A personal event or an individual’s well-being are important elements of life, and by extension of one’s professional achievement.

      Because that is our belief too, we would like to extend our services to help you plan your family reunion, a special birthday or even your wedding, a special moment that commands attention to all of the little details. Allow us the pleasure to assist you with your private events. We will not only lessen the work load but we will create unforgettable memories for you and those you care about.

    « We have been working with Carolyn and her team for several years now … I think one of the traits that makes CG&I stand out from the rest is their interest in our success as project leads. They are always leading the process but providing us with options and recommendations throughout the process. It really allows us to customize the output of our programs without doing the leg work ourselves. True to their nature, they are strong negotiators which really helps us get the most of out of budget. It is truly a pleasure to work with them. »


    « I know the cost, time and effort that goes into planning and executing these meetings, and I am sure that the ROI from this one will be huge!! I hope I didn’t miss anyone…I know it’s a team effort. »


    « Hats off to you Mike and Carolyn. As a result of your hard work, Montreal has won the bid to host the upcoming World Congress of Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition in 2016. No doubt that the proposal made and funds and services you have secured for our congress (valued at over $400K) have weighed heavily on the committees decision. We look forward to working with you on this project for the next four years! »


    « Thank you again for your extra work to rebook our customers in anticipation of the airline strike. Travel to and from the meeting is as important as the main event for some customers so it really helps to know you are there as a safety net. All four nurses mentioned last night over dinner that they are very appreciative so I wanted to pass this feedback along. »


    « ...many planners do not understand local cultures when travelling outside of their home countries. This is definitively not the case with CG&I’s team. They adapt quickly and are able to integrate the most important elements of our local culture into their planning process and even into their programs. They feel at home anywhere on this planet I would think... »


    « The planning you and your team had put into it and the organization, which had gone in to it made sure that every delegate was well looked after before, during and even after the conference. Please accept my sincere thanks and convey them to (your staff). They deserve every credit for their efforts, commitment and dedication. »


    « We were delighted to host 3 international conferences managed by CG&I over a period of 12 months. Negotiations were tight, expectations were high but we are glad to say that we have both succeeded in making all 3 events outstanding. There are very experienced and they know what they are looking for. This is great news for any client they have... »


    « I am writing to thank the CG&I staff, Patricia in particular, for the excellent service they provide on all matters related to the Forum. They have gone out of their way to help us and the delegates. »


    « The CG&I team was a highly professional and responsive contributor and a very active listener (…). The trust and complicity that built from their expert guidance provided a pleasant working environment despite the demanding work behind the planning of the conference. »


    « Everybody wants to be creative in our business. At CG&I, they understood that creativity could also be used in finding solutions to meet the client’s budget, to change processes and to challenge the “usual ways”. »


    « Hi Hugo … I wanted to send you a big THANK YOU for your work on the meeting that just happened this past weekend in Athens, Greece. All the delegates RAVED about the impeccable service you have provided. They said that you made the process so easy and simple for them, and asked me if I can ensure that they work with you again for future meetings!! Again, thank you so much!! »


    « They (CG&I) advise on what works and what doesn’t. It’s really a partnership (...) they adapt to what you need, to your budgets, to your company, to the kind of people you have, and they suggest stuff! »


    « CG&I has proven to be an excellent partner. They are professional, courteous and provide my attendees with the attentive service I need and expect them to receive. I know that I am well represented and I have complete confidence having them execute my programs under the (…) banner. »


    « Your contributions were key in helping us achieve the objectives (…). I want to recognize the extra efforts provided, in such a way, that there was not one issue or gap along the full production of the Forum, because of this extra mile given. »


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